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Welcome to the BSA webpage


This is a medium through which you can know about scouting in Bhutan and about the world wide scouting by following the links. So “Be Prepared” to be a part of scouting by participating in some scout activities held in the vicinity of your place. Do visit next time to keep yourself abreast of scouting in Bhutan.




A Nation where youth is an asset, well supported and contributing to the harmony of the society.




To provide youth health and development programmes to enable youth to be physically fit and mentally prepared with moral values and skills necessary to become productive and responsible citizens.


Strategic Priorities


1.  Youth Programmes

Provision of attractive and challenging value-based educational programmes through various outdoor and adventure activities. Such activities are carried out at the Dzongkhag, regional as well as the national level for the wholesome development of all young people contributing to overall developmental philosophy of gross national happiness. 


2.  Membership Growth

Ensure constant increase in Scout membership through emphasis both on the retention of existing members as well as recruitment of new members. Advocacy on scouting will be carried out for youth, teachers, parents and policy makers to create awareness on the benefit of scouting.  


3.  Resource Management/Development

To ensure that adequate number of competent and committed adult leaders are available at all levels through effective planning and management of adult training in Scouting in line with Adult Resources Policy.

Develop an efficient resource management policy in order to strengthen the financial and material capabilities of the association to be able to support and sustain itself in the long run.


4.  Positive Image & Visibility

Create positive image of scouting through development and implementation of value-based youth programmes towards production of responsible youth and creation of role models so that the general public begin to admire scouting. 


    5.  Information Management System

    Develop an effective information and communication system through development and institutionalization of an effective database of members, leaders and other associated information.   


    6.  Values and Culture Education

    Explore ways and means to further strengthen the incorporation of values and cultural education in its outdoor and adventure activities.   


    7.  Good Governance

    Institute a transparent, accountable and efficient organization to provide fair and equitable services to the youth, community and public at all levels.